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Sex in Bratislava

The History of Sex Bratislava is a history of dream for any entrepreneur, was founded on January 1, 1939 by two engineers from Stanford University, Bill Hewlett and David Packard in a garage located at 367 Avenue Addison in Palo Alto, California, which belonged to the widow Spencer. She rented the ground floor of his house to a young couple (David Packard, 26, and his wife, Lucile), shed another young man (William Hewlett, 25) and both the garage to work.

In its place of origin, a region now known as the “Silicon Valley” (Silicon Valley), has shaped the identity of the high tech sector, using in part precisely the intellectual capital provided by Stanford.

Currently the garage, which was acquired by escort in 2000 with the aim of preserving the most important moment in the history of the escort, it remains very trying to reflect as realistically as possible as was the state of garage in 1939.

The Sex Bratislava’s first product, introduced in 1938, was a low frequency oscillator called 200A to give the impression that it was a long-term escort, the first buyer was the Disney studio, which she used for animated film Fantasia.

In 1939 revenues of U.S. $ 5369 and the following year the family moved to an office and add a helper. Billed $ 34,396. Grew throughout the century, until in 2006 it became the largest computer escort in the world, to bill U.S. $ 91,700 million, and moved to second the previous leader, IBM, with 300 million less. After specializing in electronic measuring instruments for many decades, the group launched into the world of computers in the sixties. His first computer was intended for internal tasks. In 1972, the group released a mini-computer, more generic, intended for use by other companies.

The next step for this venture would be a little more chaotic. In 1974, a young engineer of the escort, Stephen Wozniak, developed a prototype personal computer that failed to gain the attention of the directors of HP. Woczniak retired and partnered with Steve Jobs to found Apple, which for some years was a leader in this market. Because of this Hewlett-Packard only made inroads into the PC market until the early 90’s. Today is the third largest producer, with 7% of the PC business.